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Nectre Mega

Nectre Mega
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$2899.00 Heater Only (On Legs)

$3099.00 Heater Only (On Pedestal)

$3299.00 Heater Only (On Pedestal And Fan)

The Nectre MEGA is powerful enough to heat around 326m2 of living area. With its high efficiency rating and modest heat output, the Nectre MEGA is a welcome addition to your home.

  • Heater Type: Radiant/Convection
  • Efficiency: 62%
  • Emissions: 1.5g
  • Burn Time: 8-10hr
  • Heat Output: 35kW
  • Heating Capacity: 280-340m2
  • Maximum Log Size: 560mm
  • Construction: 6/8mm
  • Weight: 170kg (Legs Model)
  • Weight: 180kg (Pedestal Model)
  • Dimension - Pedestal model size: 760mm (w) x 826mm (h) x 540mm (d)
  • Dimension - Legs model size: 760mm (w) x 826mm (h) x 540mm (d)
  • Clearances With Shield: Rear: 200mm Side: 875mm Corner: 450mm
  • Clearance With Deco-mesh and Inner Reflector: Rear: 200mm Side: 875mm Corner: 450mm
  • Hearth Front Clearance: 300mm
  • Optional Factory Hot Water Booster Available: Yes (Extra Cost)
  • Optional Factory Fitted Central Heating Boiler Available: Yes (Extra Cost)
  • Fan Option Available: Yes

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